If you would like to use my artwork or designs, I kindly request that you consult me via e-mail, prior to doing so.


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Dirtcool staff wrote about me:

On October 10,1989. While Takaaki was Riding his Suzuki 250 at the Narita Motocrossland, he had a head-on collision with someone who rode on the track in the opposite direction . After the accident he tried to stand up, but he couldn't. Since then almost all of his body below his neck don't work. But he tried to operate the mouse and key-board of his Macintosh by his mouth, access to the Nifty-serve(BBS service in Japan) and have a good communication with his Motocross friends. Now he can come to watch the All Japan Championship Motocross and Japan Supercross with the help of his friends. There may be someone's who saw Takaaki on his wheel chair moving at the track side of All Japan Championship motocross with his friends. Now, by getting his new machine called Personal Computer, he can draw such wonderful illustrations. He spends his time by drawing illustrations for his best pleasure.